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Combustion Air Dampers/Actuators

Fuel oil burning equipment consumes air, and lots of it. So smooth functioning air louvers are essential. But it doesn’t stop there:  the B139 code requires that the louvers function in a certain way (see below). The actuator is the motor unit that opens and closes the combustion air dampers as called for by the generator .  Mannion Petroleum technicians are certified by Belimo (a Swiss actuator manufacturer) in the sizing and installation of quality actuators.

Combustion Air Dampers are not Interlocked with the Generator (excerpt from TSSA Fuels update)

Section of CSA-B139ON-06 requires combustion air dampers to be interlocked with the generator. The “interlock” is often misinterpreted. Under section 4.4.15, “interlock” means that the generator cannot run until the damper has been proven (normally by a switch) to be open. It does not mean that the damper will open when the generator is called to run. The damper must open before the generator starts. TSSA is prepared to consider variances from this requirement provided the damper is spring loaded, so it will open even if the damper motor fails or loses power, and that the damper is connected to an alarm* that will alert the generator operators if the damper fails to fully open in 15 seconds.

*Mannion Petroleum’s in house engineer has developed the JM101 damper alarm that is both reliable and cost effective. Another way that Mannion strives to make each installation the safest and most efficient it can be!

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