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Electric Hot Water Tank Installation and Service Ottawa

MANNION PETROLEUM services & installs all makes & models of electric hot water tanks in Ottawa and surrounding areas. We install quality GIANT and RHEEM brand units:

Compact Model: 130E
This high performance compact size hot water heater is ideal for installation in cottages, offices, stores and individual washrooms. Available in a 22 imperial gallon capacity, it can be connected to 120V or 240V, and features:

  • Thick uniform blanket of Greenfoameco-friendly insulation
  • Inner tank lined with blue cobalt glass enriched with zircon
  • Automatic temperature control screw-in immersion element made by Giant
  • Factory installed di-electric nipples
  • High quality magnesium anode

A Good Choice For Your Next Electric Hot Water Tank Installation

Standard Model: 142ETE – 152ETE – 172ETE
These high performance top entry electric hot water heaters are designed to meet all of your residential water heating requirements. They are available in 30, 40 and 60 imperial gallon capacities, can be connected to 120V, 208V, or 240V and have many outstanding technical features.

Premium Electric Hot Water Heater

Cascade Model: 152B – 172B
These high performance bottom entry electric hot water tanks are designed to give you 10% more hot water than the standard models. They are available in 40 and 60 imperial gallon capacities and can be connected to 208V or 240V. They offer all of the outstanding technical features of the Standard models plus many more.

SERVICE: All major appliances have a life. One of the two elements in your hot water tank will usually require replacement at some point, sooner in hard water locations. You will notice that there is a marked reduction in hot water volume or temperature. If left unserviced, the second element will soon burn out.

Generally,  the Hot water tank in your electric water heater should last from 10-15 years, but in hard water locations this may be reduced from 5 to 10 years. When you notice water at the base of your hot water heater, it’s time to change it! (The inner tank cannot be repaired).

TIP: remember to always turn your hot water heater thermostat to “vacation mode” or to “minimum” if so equipped (or turn the tank off at the breaker) when you go on holidays for more than 3 days: saves money and wear and tear on your water heater.
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