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Specializing in the Installation & Disposal of Fuel Oil Tanks

Domestic & Commercial Fuel / Oil Tank Removal

Domestic & commercial fuel oil tank removal should always be entrusted to a certified and insured professional. At Mannion Petroleum, we have removed thousands of fuel tanks safely and efficiently. Generally, any fuel or oil tank removal must be done when the premises changes the form of energy used for heating i.e. from oil to natural gas, or when the tank is no longer needed i.e. as a fuel source for a pool heater. Also, before a property changes ownership, ANY unused fuel tank must be removed, or if the tank is in use and is over ten years old, it must be replaced.

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The Process for Domestic & Commercial Fuel Tank Removal:

  1. Lay down protective runners from the building entrance to the tank area
  2. Removal of the filler pipe and vent pipe from outside to the tank
  3. Pumping out of all residual product, sludge and water
  4. Purging and removal of filter and supply line(s) to appliance(s)
  5. Cut tank in two or more pieces (must be halved for disposal) and remove
  6. Cement filler and vent holes in foundation
  7. Clean up work area

Remember, only TSSA certified technicians can install or remove fuel oil tanks.

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