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Specializing in the Installation & Disposal of Fuel Oil Tanks

Fuel Supply Systems, Storage & Transfer Ottawa

Providing safe fuel supply systems and moving the fuel to your emergency generator is a Mannion Petroleum specialty. Whether the fuel tank is housed in the parking level, at grade or on the roof of the building, our technicians will ensure the most efficient installation possible. When it’s time to upgrade (usually a request for a comprehensive inspection of the equipment from your fuel supplier or your insurer), we have developed a 45-point inspection based on the current code (Ontario installation code for oil-burning equipment – CSA B139). This inspection is used to arrive at a complete overview of the integrity of the system, from the fuel fill pipe to the exhaust outlet. 

Fuel Supply Systems Safety

Mannion Petroleum prides itself on giving you the most cost effective solution to safety and code compliance. If a TSSA Variance is involved, we work closely with the TSSA inspectors and engineers to ensure all parties are satisfied. A Variance is an equivalent level of safety if your particular installation cannot meet code compliance exactly as stated in the code document. Mannion Petroleum has years of experience in arriving at innovative solutions to keep your emergency power dependable. We have developed and maintained a mutually respectful relationship with the TSSA and it’s field inspectors to ensure a smooth and cost efficient upgrading procedure. Always get a second opinion before agreeing on any fuel supply system work. Contact us today for more information.