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Specializing in the Installation & Disposal of Fuel Oil Tanks

GENSET (Emergency Generator System)

Emergency generator or GENSET exhaust systems, like all fuel burning systems, must meet precise technical standards to preserve the integrity and safety of your system, and to keep your equipment running in peak condition. Mannion Petroleum provides expert inspection, upgrades, installation, service and assistance with TSSA Application for Variance, for GENSET fuel, air and venting equipment.


GENSET installation and upgrades must meet the government of Ontario’s Installation Code for Oil-Burning Equipment. Mannion Petroleum’s technicians ensure that the installation is up to code with industry-approved inspections, and recommendations for TSSA Variances and upgrades as required. 

For fuel storage and supply, their 52-point inspection system is based on code CSA B139-06. The inspection provides a thorough overview of the safety and integrity of all aspects of your fuel supply system. If an inspection reveals code violations, technicians resolve the issue or work with TSSA engineers and inspectors to ensure that your GENSET is in compliance.

Variance and Upgrades

Recent code changes relating to GENSET include requirements for venting and combustion air. All venting must be certified at installation, or engineered to comply with the Ontario Installation Code. 

For combustion air dampers and actuators, at installation the components – tank, filters, and valves – must be certified. However, if after inspection technicians find that your system requires an upgrade, technicians work with TSSA inspectors and engineers then assist you in applying for the necessary Variance if necessary, to bring your system up to code.

Mannion Petroleum has designed a damper alarm used to upgrade older systems that is both cost effective and reliable to meet TSSA standards.

Installation and Service

Mannion Petroleum technicians are certified to install and service all components of your emergency generator exhaust system. From installation of cUL approved Selkirk Exhaust systems to inspections and TSSA Variances, you can rely on Mannion Petroleum technicians to ensure the safety and integrity of your GENSET.