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Specializing in the Installation & Disposal of Fuel Oil Tanks

Fuel Tank Inspection & Oil Distributor

An improperly installed, or poorly maintained fuel tank is more likely to leak, which increases the chances of a costly clean up. Mannion Petroleum’s Oil Distributor & Fuel Tank Inspection is a 20-point checklist designed to ensure the safety and integrity of your fuel tank.

The 20-point checklist follows the guidelines for inspection set out in the Ontario Installation Code for Oil Burning Equipment, known in the industry as the “B139-06.” Since installation must meet fuel oil code requirements, the inspection begins with checking that the fuel tank has been installed in accordance with the fuel oil code, the certification document and the manufacturers instructions. The support base is checked that it is firm, stable and non-combustible. The fuel tank and the rest of the system, is inspected for signs of leaks or weepage on the tank caused by corrosion from water sitting at the bottom of your tank.

Your fuel tank inspection includes fill and vent piping for proper installation and signs of corrosion. The vent, which prevents pressure or vacuum build-up on the tank, is inspected for cleanliness and rust build up. The piping, plugs and caps are checked for snug fits, proper fittings and correct installation.
The inspection technician checks to ensure that overfilling and other problems with refuelling won’t arise. The oil gauge installation is checked for a tight fit, and the proper working of the vent alarm that prevents overfilling. Return and supply lines, are checked for aboveground installation or underground protection. The line connections, valves and filter are also inspected for leaks and approvals.

For above ground fuel tank storage, the inspection includes distances from the appliance and combustibles, and if the tank is located in a garage or close to vehicles, the inspector ensures that your fuel tank is protected from any potential vehicle damage.

Mannion Petroleum’s Oil Distributor & Fuel Tank Inspection meets the highest industry standards for fuel tank inspection, and is recognized by all fuel oil distributors, insurance companies and real estate brokers.