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Oil Fired Water Heaters

MANNION PETROLEUM offers the complete line of AERO oil-fired water heaters.

The Standard in High-efficiency, Trouble-free Operation!

Aero manufactures a complete range of oil fired water heaters in both centre flue and rear flue designs. The centre flue water heaters include the CF-32T/A, CF-50T/A and CF-50XR. The CF-32T is the most popular domestic water heater with a firing range of .75 gph and a recovery rate of 104 gph.

Centre flue water heaters come with two anode rods, a temperature and pressure relief valve, an overflow tube mounted, a surface mounted operating control (immersion aquastats are available), a high limit control and a flexible and removable baffle for easy cleaning. They deliver from 32 to 50 gallons capacity with recovery rates as high 116 gallons per hour.

All water heaters have a glass-lined tank that has been ASME tested to 300 psi. The working pressure is 150 psi. Combustion chambers in our water heaters can be removed and replaced in the field. Our water heaters use our very efficient and quiet F-AFC oil burners. All our oil burners are certified by the Canadian Standards Association in Canada and tested by ULI in the United States.

The Canadian Standards Association of Canada certifies our water heaters. For the United States we have submitted all our water heaters to ETL to be tested according to DOE and New York State Energy Requirements. All of our water heaters firing at .75 gph or less exceed the minimum Energy Factor Requirements and water heaters firing .85 gph or more have a lower standby loss than the maximum allowable standby loss.

  1. Rapid installationwith electrical and plumbing connections at top.
  2. Bright enamel finish provides outer casing corrosion protection through many years of service.
  3. Two magnesium anodesfor extra corrosion protection.
  4. Surface mounted operating control or available immersion aquastatfor precise, easy water temperature regulation.
  5. Glass-lined heavy-duty steel tankbuilt for long life and low maintenance.
  6. 6. Brass drain valvefor ease of service.
  7. 7. Aero oil burnerprovides the highest oil-fired efficiency in the industry.
  8. 8. High limit controlis surface mounted for added safety (on T models).
  9. 9. Temperature and pressure relief valve and overflow tubeis available on some CF models.
  10. Flexible stainless steel baffleis hinged for low-ceiling removal and cleaning; designed for optimum heat transfer.
  11. Extra-long dip tubedirects flow of cold water to tank bottom for fast heating.
  12. High-density fiberglass insulationprovides a thick blanket around tank and combustion chamber for more heat retention and maximum fuel efficiency.
  13. 13. Ceramic fibre combustion chamberconcentrates the flame for a smaller, hotter fire and
    faster transfer of maximum heat. The large door allows the chamber to be replaced in one piece.

New Rear Flue Stubby Water HeaterWe now have a rear flue stubby 30-gallon water heater. The RF-30S is substantially shorter for those installations with low ceiling and chimney inlet height. The RF-30S is only 49 inches high and the distance from the floor to the center of the flue is just 43 inches. This makes the RF-30S ideal for installation in crawl spaces or basements with low ceilings.

Oil Fired Through-the-wall Vented Water HeatersIn North America there is a movement to through-the-wall vented appliances. We were the first oil fired water heater manufacturer to obtain Canadian Standards Association approval for through-the-wall vented oil fired water heaters. In Canada CSA certification is necessary for through-the-wall vented oil fired water heaters. In the United States ULI listing is only required for the venter and not the entire appliance.

These water heaters can be used in homes without chimneys to replace costly electric water heaters. Aero’s optional through-the-wall power venter eliminates the expense of adding a chimney to a new home, or the need to replace a deteriorated chimney in an older house.

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