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Oil Furnace Service, Premium Tune-Up and Installation

The best way to keep heating equipment operating at peak efficiency is with a regular program of expert cleaning, servicing and burner tune-up. This must be done at least once a year, preferably well before the heating season arrives and it must be done properly. Here are the tasks that a Mannion Petroleum technician will perform at every oil furnace service, annual cleaning and/or check-up to reduce the need of any future unwanted oil furnace repair costs.

  1. Inspect the inside and outside of the chimney.
  2. Clean the oil furnace flue pipe, barometric damper and chimney base.
  3. Check the condition of the oil furnace heat exchanger.
  4. Use brushes and a vacuum cleaner to remove soot buildup from the heat exchanger cavities inside the furnace. These are difficult to reach in many furnaces, and it takes patience and perseverance to do a good job.
  5. Clean the oil furnace fan thoroughly. (This step applies only to warm air systems.) Dirt buildup on the curved blades can reduce the amount of air that is moved, which decreases furnace efficiency. On a belt-driven fan, the motor should be oiled where possible and the belt tension checked. Every two or three years, the fan should be removed from the furnace for a thorough examination and cleaning.
  6. Clean or replace the air filter (forced-air systems only).
  7. Open the burner and clean and lubricate the motor and blower fan if required. If the nozzle is dirty, it should be replaced, not cleaned.
  8. Check the oil pressure in the burner and examine all fittings for leaks.
  9. Clean the oil filter bowl and replace the cartridge if necessary.
  10. Check the performance of the safety features, such as the high limit control and the cad cell flame sensor.

Next comes the equally important job of adjusting the oil furnace for maximum efficiency. This cannot be done by visual inspection alone; it requires four different measurements made through a pencil-sized hole in the flue pipe, close to the furnace. Do not worry about flue gases escaping through this hole. In a properly adjusted furnace, this will not happen.

After the furnace has been running for about 15 minutes to a steady flue temperature, a sample of the flue gases is tested for its smoke content and the draft pressure is checked. Then the final two measurements are taken to determine the steady-state efficiency of the furnace: the temperature and the carbon dioxide or oxygen content of the flue gases leaving the furnace. All four measurements are essential to the proper adjustment of an oil furnace for optimum combustion performance.  The oil furnace service and tune up will more than pay for itself in fuel savings!

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Mannion Petroleum offers a line of Keeprite oil fired furnace installed by experienced Oil Burner Technicians (OBT).

“New” Oil Furnaces that can achieve 85% A.F.U.E with Variable Speed Motor. Check your local area for rebates that are available. We recommend chimney venting for oil furnace installation whenever possible. When it isn’t a viable option, Direct Vent is the economical, easy heating solution for new homes, or to switch off the high price of electric heat.

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