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Specializing in the Installation & Disposal of Fuel Oil Tanks

Oil Spill Clean up

Spills or leaks from an Aboveground tank:  (for Underground tanks, please see Home Page tab “Underground Tank Removal“)

Generally, you will smell a leak before you see it. But when you discover fuel, prevent further damage immediately by creating a dam using anything absorbent (especially prevent fuel from entering a floor drain or sump hole). Kitty litter is an excellent absorbent. Then immediately call the Spills Action Centre 1-800-268-6060 or your fuel supplier. Once you are ready for the clean up…call Mannion Petroleum.

Also known as a “remediation”, the removal of the contamination requires experience and innovation. Significant quantities of split or leaked oil does NOT evaporate. Oil is less viscous than water and penetrates quickly into soil or concrete. The smell of fuel will never go away unless the medium holding the oil is removed.

The extent of contamination can only be determined by testing the soil in the area where the spill or leak occurred. This testing is usually done by an environmental engineering firm once our technicians have removed the obvious contaminated concrete, stone and earth. Mannion will then finish the area to your specifications.