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Specializing in the Installation & Disposal of Fuel Oil Tanks

Pressure Tanks

Well-X-Trol pressure tanks are the recognized industry leader. Mannion has trusted the brand for over 40 years!

NEW The Industry’s Longest Warranty: 7 Years

Projection Welded Air Valve

• Eliminates threaded valve leak paths.

• Tamper-evident warning label for added safety.

NEW High Strength Steel (HSS) Construction

• Deep-drawn dome for double the strength of rolled steel.

• Multi-dome construction for internal bracing.

Positive Hoop Ring and Groove Seal

• Secures diaphragm and liner for added strength and reliability.

• Exclusive welding process eliminates interior rough spots and sharp edges that can damage

the diaphragm and liner.

Seamless Heavy Duty Butyl Diaphragm

• The Industry’s thickest diaphragm for extra strength and flexibility.

• Conforms exactly to the shell without stretching, creasing or forming bubbles that could trap

water or sediment.

• Meets stringent FDA requirements for potable water.

Polypropylene Tank Liner

• Provides 100% corrosion resistant, non-metallic water reservoir.

• NSF® International Standard 61 listed for clean, safe water storage with no taste or odor.

Stainless Steel System Connection

• Withstands aggressive water conditions.

Mannion Petroleum has installed hundreds of Well-X-Trol tanks. Can we install one for you?!