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Specializing in the Installation & Disposal of Fuel Oil Tanks

Underground Oil Tank Removal Service

If you suspect or discover an underground fuel storage tank (UST) on your property, call us for a free estimate to have it removed. The sooner the underground oil tank removal process begins, the less chance of environmental impact from a leak of any remaining contents.

Before an underground oil tank removal project begins and the tank is excavated for disposal, Mannion will obtain LOCATES from Ontario 1 Call. This service identifies any underground utilities that may be near the excavation area to avoid damage.

Scope of Work: Any residual product will be pumped out and treated off-site prior to excavation (a charge per litre applies). Mannion Petroleum will excavate the UST and remove the oil tank for cleansing and disposal. Tanks having contained explosive fuels will be rendered inert prior to movement.

A professional engineering firm will be employed by Mannion, which will provide an Environmental Assessment as part of our service. Soil samples will be taken before back filling. However, if there is obvious corrosion of the underground oil tank, it must remain on site and backfilling held off, then:

  1. Mannion will notify the Spills Action Centre that petroleum product may have escaped into the environment or inside a building, and
  2. Mannion will notify the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. The Ontario Water Resources Act will apply.

The excavation will be secured pending laboratory testing of the surrounding soil. Samples are submitted for laboratory analysis. Once the tests are acceptable, the excavation will be back filled with clean backfill to grade. You may choose to have us finish the area to your specifications (charged as applicable).

The cost of the underground oil tank removal, the engineer’s preliminary analysis and back filing does not include remedial action (contaminated soil removal and treatment) if required. The excavation, removal and treatment of the contaminated soil are completed according to the terms of the environmental engineer’s directions. It is impossible to predict the extent of the contamination and the cost to remove it.  The engineer will issue a certificate of environmental acceptability for the subject property when tests affirm this.

For more details concerning underground oil tank removal, please contact Sean at 613-256-4890.