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Venting & Generator Exhaust Systems

The TSSA has recently paid special attention to emergency generator exhaust systems. Mannion Petroleum can help the property management/owner choose the best way to be code compliant. If the system has been engineer designed and approved, then uncertified components may be acceptable. However, if the system is in need of updating, Mannion installs cUL approved Selkirk exhaust systems.

Unapproved Generator Exhaust Systems (excerpt from TSSA Fuels update):

Generator exhaust systems must meet the same requirements for venting combustion products as other types of appliances.

The exhaust system is required to be a certified vent system specifically certified for generator exhaust or a vent system that has been engineered to meet the requirements of the Ontario Building Code, which references NFPA 211. Schedule 40 steel pipe, which has been used in many installations, may not meet the requirements of the Ontario Building Code depending on the installation, and the maximum generator exhaust temperature. Particular attention must be paid to meeting clearances from combustibles as fires have occurred from unapproved installations.

For more information on fuel distributor inspections visit the Fuels Safety section of TSSA’s website at https://www.tssa.org/regulated/fuels or call Sean at 613-256-4890.